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The price of gold has hit a record high of over $1282 per ounce. By contrast, in 2007 it was trading at under $700 per ounce and in 2001 at under $300 per ounce. Various uncertainties in the world economy have led to large rises in the demand for gold by both central banks and investors in general.

But why has the gold price risen so dramatically and what is likely to happen to the price in the coming days and months? Some commentators are saying that the gold price has further to rise. Others are saying that it is already over priced! The following articles look at the explanations and the arguments.

Monetary easing fears lift gold to record high Financial Times, Javier Blas (17/9/10)
Five-fold rise in gold price ‘is not a bubble’, claims industry body Independent on Sunday, Mark Leftly (19/9/10)
Gold Prices Today Are Increasing to Record Levels Business and Finance News, Aidan Lamar (18/9/10)
Gold hits new peak of $1,283 Telegraph, Richard Evans (17/9/10)
Gold hits new record high Guardian, Julia Kollewe (17/9/10)
Gold prices – the highs and lows since 1971 Guardian, Julia Kollewe (17/9/10)
Gold is overpriced, so be wary of those ads to buy it Idaho Statesman, Peter Crabb (17/9/10)

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  1. Why has the price of gold risen? Illustrate your arguments with a demand and supply diagram.
  2. How are these demand and supply factors likely to change in the near future?
  3. What is the role of speculation in the determination of the gold price? What particular factors are speculators taking into account at the moment?
  4. Why have actions by the Bank of Japan (see A Japanese yen for recovery) influenced the gold price?
  5. Why have possible future actions by the US Federal Reserve Bank influenced the gold price?