Discussions of topical news articles and analysis, videos and podcasts are posted several times per month to keep you up-to-date with economic issues covered in the news.

The site

Each news item starts with an introduction to the issue, showing you how the articles and broadcasts relate to the economic theory covered in your textbook. This is followed by several links to relevant news articles and often to videos, podcasts, data and official publications. The item finishes with discussion questions that can be used either for self-testing or for use in class.

Archived articles go back many months. You may search the news articles from the left-hand navigation panel:

  • by key word – using Article Text Search;
  • by chapter of your textbook – using Articles by Chapter
  • by month – using Article Date Search.

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Most of the postings are by John Sloman, Dean Garratt, Jon Guest, Elizabeth Jones, Matt Olczak, Catherine Mitchell, Nicholas Vasilakos and Karishma Patel.

Guest Posts

If you are a lecturer who is using one of the books for your course(s) and would like to make a guest posting on this blog, please email a Word file of your post to John Sloman at John.Sloman@bristol.ac.uk. The Word file should include an introduction, hyperlinks to an article or articles and questions. Do not worry about the formatting – just keep it plain.

Please let John know the course you are teaching on and the book you are using.

John will format it and post it. He reserves the right to amend the post, but will send it to you first for your approval before posting it.

If you have a picture that you have taken and want included in the post, then please attach it to your email as a JPEG. Similarly, if you want to include a chart in the post, then please attach a PowerPoint file of it to your email.

If your blog is posted, it will be fully acknowledged.

Other features

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For registration and access to companion websites, MyEconLab products or lecturer resources accompanying your Sloman textbooks click here to access the Sloman textbook online resources page.

Most pictures and diagrams are by John Sloman, unless otherwise stated. John is happy for you to copy any of his pictures (hover the mouse over the picture for details of location and/or topic).

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