What would your chart of 2011 be?

Here’s a quiz for you. What one chart would you chose as an illustration of the most significant economic event(s), trends or data of the year? You could search out a chart, perhaps by looking through the news items on this site. Or you could construct a chart of you own in Excel or PowerPoint using economic data from a data site. You can find links to a whole range of data sites here.

To give you some ideas, the link to the BBC site below gives the charts selected by a range of eminent economists.

Top economists reveal their graphs of 2011 BBC News (13/12/11)


  1. Look through each of the 11 charts in the link above and explain their significance.
  2. Why did you choose the chart you did?
  3. Name five other economic events or trends during 2011 that you would consider to be highly significant and say why.
  4. Identify three likely economic events in 2012 that would, if they came true, prove significant and say why? Just how likely are they?