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We have all heard about the troubles of Greece, but are things really that bad? It does have huge debts, which is costing about 11.6% of GDP to service; and estimates suggest that government borrowing will need to be €53bn this year to cover budget shortfalls. Furthermore, its situation could spell trouble for the eurozone and in particular for certain countries. However, as the article below discusses, Greece still has some trump cards to play.

Advantage Greece BBC News blogs, Stephanomics, Stephanie Flanders (3/3/10)


  1. “The single most important factor propping it (Greek debt) up in the past year has been that it can be swapped for free money at the ECB.” How does this prop up Greek debt?
  2. If Greek debt does fall in value, how will other members of the Eurozone be affected?
  3. Why are countries such as France and Germany hostile to a loan to Greece from the IMF?
  4. If Greece was to collapse, which countries do you think could potentially follow? Which factors have influenced your answer?