Crowd Funding

In the blog Has Merlin lost his magic, the issue of banks failing to meet their lending targets as set by the government was considered. Small businesses have been finding it difficult to obtain bank loans to help their business grow. Vince Cable has gone so far as to say: ‘There is a serious problem with lending to good, small companies.’ As a result of this, new sources of finance are being sought and one innovative approach has come to the forefront: crowd funding. People group together by pooling their money and investing in ideas or businesses. The attraction is that it doesn’t require huge amounts of cash, but with enough potential investors, significant amounts of finance can be raised. The following BBC News article looks at this innovative approach to financing a business.

Small firms seek crowd funding BBC News, Catherine Burne (27/5/11)


  1. What is the attraction of crowd funding?
  2. Are there any risks of this method of finance to the investors and to the firm seeking investment?
  3. What are the disadvantages of crowd funding relative to something like investment from a venture capitalist?
  4. How important is the size of the firm when it comes to the viability of crowd funding?