A changing climate at the White House

In a major break from the policy of the Bush administration, President Obama has announced that the US government will regulate greenhouse gas emissions. The US Environmental Protection Agency has found that CO2 emissions pose a ‘threat to public health and welfare’. This finding allows regulation to be imposed.

At the end of March the Democrats in the House of Representatives released a draft climate change Bill. Central to this would be a system of tradable permits. ‘Under this program, covered entities must have tradable federal allowances for each ton of pollution emitted into the atmosphere.’ (See 4th article below.)

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  1. To what extent is the EPA ruling compatible with the bill proposed by the Democrats?
  2. Is a ‘cap-and-trade’ system (i.e. tradable permits) the best way of dealing with climate change?
  3. What lessons can the USA draw from the European Emissions Trading Scheme in designing its own tradable permits scheme?