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Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have shown that a person’s enjoyment of wine is heightened if they are told that the wine is an expensive one. So what are the main factors determining the demand for wine? Is it really the taste or is it simply the expectation resulting from the price?

Raising a glass to pricey wine BBC News Online (14/1/08)
High price makes wine taste better Times Online (13/2/08)
Why expensive wine tastes the best Metro (13/2/08)


1. What are the main factors determining the demand for wine? Assess the relative importance of each of these factors in the overall level of demand.
2. Analyse how utility theory can help to explain the level of demand for more expensive wine.
3. How would marginal utility and market demand be affected by the knowledge that bottle of wine is a relatively expensive one?

The combination of high global demand for milk and variable weather has led to a rapid rise in the price of milk. Cheese is made from milk (sorry to state the obvious!) and so cheese prices have risen to a new high in excess of £2000 per tonne and further price hikes are expected. One conclusion that could be drawn from this is that it is better to have a takeaway pizza now rather that in a month’s time, but what other effects is this price increase for milk likely to have?

Cheddar hits £2,000 a tonne as global milk demand soars Guardian (15/7/07)


1. Identify the key determinants of demand for cheese.
2. Using diagrams as appropriate, illustrate and explain the changes that have taken place in the market for cheese.
3. Assess the extent to which the price increase for milk can be passed on to consumers of associated products like yoghurt and cheese.