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The surprise winner of the Nobel prize for economics this year was Paul Krugman: academic, writer and columnist for the New York Times. He is an economist with a gift for explaining economic principles and concepts in clear and simple terms. However, the award was given, not for his writing skills, but for his work on international trade theory and economic geography.

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1. Write a brief paragraph summarising Krugman’s work on trade patterns.
2. Define the term ‘economies of scale’. Explain why this concept was important to Krugman’s work on trade patterns.
3. Assess the extent to which Krugman’s work has helped to explain the impact of free trade and globalisation.

Adam Smith is the face on the new £20 note. This could be used as an argument that economics has moved into the mainstream, but many people may not be aware of the influence that he has had on modern classical economics. The articles below may help reveal his ongoing economic influence.

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1. Assess the impact of Adam Smith on classical economic theory.
2. Summarise the main works and theories of Adam Smith. (You may find the information in the Biz/ed Virtual Economy on Adam Smith helpful. For a complete list of works of Adam Smith, many online, see website C18 in the hotlinks section of this site.)
3. Discuss the extent to which Gordon Brown has been influenced by Adam Smith in his policies.